Birthday Tea

I am currently sat on my bed, drinking Pimms after a lovely dinner and a little too much cake! Today is my mum’s birthday hence the celebrations.

Does the Pimms make me a little like a middle-aged woman?

I know what does make me a little middle aged, the fact I am UNABLE to sleep past 7.30 am, yes in the morning. Not ever. Not when I’ve had a late night, not when jim stays over, not when it’s Sunday. Not even on a Tuesday when I have nothing to do! I think I am ageing prematurely. 20-year-old students are meant to sleep all day and drink all night. I rarely do either!

I should tell you all (not that a. enough of you probs care or b. you would have known if I hadn’t said) I am writing this post on word (on the 8th June), ready to post asap.
My internet and phone line is down you see. No contact to the world. To those of you that read this and know me I live in the middle of nowhere and also get no phone signal to I am living like the Amish (who I LOVE). Except of course I still have a car, lights, running water etc etc etc but I know they don’t do Internet in a general sense! I can see i’m rambling a little…

Back to the Pimms after the Pimms I will continue to watch a magic show that’s on and read my book and Elle magazine and Cosmo and sit with my cats and do all the stuff I’m sure Amish people do. So far this post is one big digression!!
Mum’s birthday…. To your surprise and horror (I imagine) I didn’t bake!!!!! I know right! But I did the other thing I’m pretty alright at and that’s cooking!
I made a Summer Pasta, tomato salad and Garlic bread.

In the future (when I get my loan next September!) i’m going to buy a pasta machine and make my own pasta (something I have never tried but am very excited to) and obviously I’d make my own bread (today I just made the filling as I had other things on my mind like exam results!) but in hindsight is doesn’t even matter because it was all so lovely! Modest I know… here’s how it’s done:

Summer Pasta
This is an adaptation of Jamie Oliver’s ‘Wonky summer pasta’ (see how I made the name!) and was totally amazing.

200g grated parmesan cheese
1 egg yolk
Extra virgin Olive oil
finely chopped basil
Lemon juice (1/2 lemons to preference)
finely chopped chilli (or a little chilli sauce to taste)

It is so easy, put it all in a large bowl (the bowl you'll serve in) and stir. In terms of the oil you want to put enough in to make a sauce consistency. I did about 6 good swirls into the bowl. Next step, boil your pasta in salted water. Tagliatelle, pappardelle, spaghetti anything long and thin - fresh is best because it's so quick but dry is always delicious. Then transfer the pasta to the 'sauce' using tongues to make sure a little of the cooking liquid too goes into the bowl.then stir, lift, do whatever to mix it. The raw yolk will cook in the residual heat of the pasta and the cheese will melt. This is yummy and yummy and yummy yummy.

Tomato Salad
EASY PEASY. Put all of the tomatoes (i used a plum and cherry mix) into a colander and over salt them, like much much more than you would usually! Then cover in water and leave to drain for half an hour. They are so tasty served halved in balsamic and olive oil.

The Garlic bread was just a parsley/garlic butter served in the deep grooves of a french loaf baked for 15 minutes in kitchen foil.
(I do have some pictures but i can't put them on right now i'll put them in the edited post if anyone REALLY wants to.)

I'm making a cake tomorrow.
Look forwards :)

Hope you have a good weekend etc etc.


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