It's me or the Dog

Watching tat like this on a saturday morning is what i live for! My favourite cooking show isn't on due to the golf so i'm stuck with dog training!
I must be hoest though it is nice just to sit and do nothing, be it only for a few hours.

This week i've been to a theme park, massively expensive but fun fun fun all around. Out for lunch a few times, bit of shopping with mum.
But most importantly, the macaroons!

I won't go into the recipe because it was a pretty standard one.
Sadly, because of the aga there were a few issues though.
Our mix tasted fantastic and macaroony, and our piping skills weren't fantastic but we were rather proud of the results! Now, i must admit we forgot the 'leave on the side for 30 minutes' part so that was probably the first hurdle we fell at! Then, the aga. I got told by a friend who did an aga course how to do it two ways, i do believe i chose the wrong way! The macaroons came out too sticky and not set on the underside with a lovely crisp top! We did two batches and the second was much better coz we left them in for 10 minutes longer. This meant they browned a little too much but they were much much more macaroony.

We made a pretty little pudding with the good/not so good macaroons and named it 'Macaroon Mess'.
So far i'd give my macaroon skillz 5/10, i will succeed one day soon. Probably after India, or maybe today if i get bored of 'test packing' my cargo 100 litre bag. yippee!!






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