Pining for piping

I am currently sat in the hotel lobby, it's almost 40 degrees outside and my new penchant for the shade is not being fulfilled in the midday sun! 
Every day I have to eat (well I'm not exactly forced but you know) bad cakes and mother bought me a book about a girl who is opening a cupcake shop (chic-lit crap but I've read two hard books and my brain needs a rest!!) and this is such a long sentence but I just want to bake! 
 Want to get home, bake, show and tell you all about India and my new life mantras and just get back to living again! 
The next few weeks are going to be tough, what with moving back to uni, starting my dissertation etc etc etc but I promise to you all, baking will always be high high high on my priorities, that and losing weight for the two balls I'm attending this Christmas! 
Tough challenge I know, but someone's got to do it!! 

P.s. Sorry for any spelling mistakes! My brain is still semi-mush


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