Easter Sundae

Oh hello from this my third favourite day of the year!
Here is some sad news for you, i have a horrible cold.

This means one thing in my life... Not tissues, coughs, sneezes, none of these things. It means i can't taste anything!!
In my pantry is a bag of mini eggs, and two fantastic eggs. A Green and Blacks milk chocolate and an incredible looking Artisan du Chocolat egg.
If you've never had or heard of Artisan du Chocolat it is literally the most fantastic chocolate that isn't from a 'real' chocolatier. Their salted caramels are literally the best i've ever had from all over the world. Right now there is no point in me indulging in the half inch thick 70% cocoa egg as like i said, i can not taste a thing.

Oh this is a whiney post!!

In real life i love love love easter. Like i said, third favourite day after my birthday and leap day (which of course only happens once every four years!)

Now, Pinterest. my new ultimate favourite website.
It is invite only at the moment but i'm sure it'll take off to a point where anyone can join. If you sit and trawl the internet as often as i do and read all the blogs i do it is the perfect way to pin and remember things you see and like. Inspiration, hairstyles, animal pictures! Please take a look and see if you can request an invite because i'm aiming to back this big style.

I hope you have enjoyed this oh so slightly pointless post.
It is my third favourite day of the year after all.

Happy Easter x