Whatever i said, whatever i did, i didn't mean it.

To those of you diligent enough to notice the above is Take That lyrics!
'Back for good'
I'd like to hope this is a real promise this time!

 I'd like to say 'oh i've been terribly busy' or, 'oh i've been baking sooo much i've not had time to look at my laptop' or even 'i have actually been snowed under with uni work and not had time to play'...
All of these things would be a lie! As for the last countless months i have done zero! Zilch. Nada.

I have obviously attended some lectures, been out for a few 'quiet' drinks, celebrated my 21st birthday and oh, i've been to Berlin and back. None of those things however should really have stopped me from blogging about life and all the things i like.

 So here it is, my sincerest hope and pledge to you all, even those that read in far away places like Australia and India (I like you the best!) I will blog once more. About all the places i go, food i eat, drinks i drink and of course all those things i love.

To restart this magical adventure, here is so photo inspiration in the form of my favourite ladies of right now...

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