here it goes again

Here goes another month where i am neglectful to my blog.
I'm literally rubbish.

Everyday i put together a witty repartee of chirps and comments about my life (in my head of course, along with listening to music and pretending to be in a music video... too much i'm sorry) then i get round to writing a post and, nothing! Nada. I can't even come up with naff jokes or inspirational quotes just to post for post's sake.

Here i solemnly swear, a blog post every day for the next 5 days.
I promise to my best... (I was about to write out the brownie guide promise but that would have been a little sad and weird admittedly, even for me).
I promise i will take you to all the places i have been these past few weeks and let you know plans for the future.
You are back in my life my blogger buddies and i've said it before but i mean it now more than ever i will be back with a bang.

Especially 2 weeks from now.
With that, ciao x