Back to the Island...

Here begins the Island Adventure. My grandparents, though older, haven’t changed a bit in the nine or so years since I’ve seen them. My Grandmother remains sharp, witty and the biggest and best baddie in town, whilst my grandfather is stoic, quiet and profound in his well thought out statements.

It’s easy to forget how brilliant Barbados is, diverse and exciting with music and crowds at every turn in the towns. The other side of the island is serene and vast. Twisting roads and rolling hills in the Scotland district are contrasted with the wild, savage seas of the east coast.

My first day however, it rained. A lot. We went for a walk up the beach in the morning, which started out, fine, and ended in us wringing our clothes over the bath! Monday was markedly better. Bright skies and clear calm seas in St Michael made for the perfect day of reading on the beach. I also managed to meet up with my cousin from Nottingham, which was a brilliant surprise.

Visiting family (most of whom I have no clue who they are!), some of my Grandparents old haunts, the beach and the shops were the perfect way to spend my first few days. Last night I also managed to get my Grandparents savagely drunk when we were out to dinner at a superb restaurant Cin Cin, a real highlight in my eyes. In her drunken stupor my grandma managed to say what I think may become my new life motto – ‘Pump it up, and go with the rum’. If that’s not a statement to live life by I don’t know what is!!

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