Firstly a little life update? I put a question mark as i honestly don't know what y'all fancy! But I know a few old friend's read and surely they spend their days thinking 'OH, i wonder if Kate has done anything of interest recently..?'. I digress. Today i'm actually going on holiday. A whole week not at my desk or racing around London. I'm off to Barbados to stay with my Grandparents and lie stationary in the sun for seven whole days. This exact second i'm sat in the airport lounge  stuffing my face with free pastry and all stealing all the herbal teas I can for when I come home. Expect lots of pictures of wonderful women, brightly coloured houses and perfect beaches once i'm back. To say i'm excited is an understatement. I'm not sure how many of you have family who live really far away but it's horrible not just being able to nip round or go on a normal car length journey to see them. I've actually not seen my Grandparents for about 10 years, so all in all this is a pretty special trip that I can't wait to share!

Now, back to real London life; another day another trip. I think starting my blog up has reengaged my desire to actually do things!! I recently went to see George Ezra at Dingwalls in Camden. Now, if you haven't listened to his music I recommend you do, now. A mature set of pipes for a 21 year old teamed with a bluesy vibe make for a wonderful set. On top of that, someone with total talent who is genuinely charismatic and amusing. Real life anecdotes accompany each song which, if you're a sentimentalist like myself sets the appropriate tone. Comically, but seemingly begrudgingly, singing his own falsetto in 'Leaving it Up to You' (once you've heard him live your brain will scramble at his range!) and the more well known 'Did You Hear The Rain?' were real highlights for me. He's touring the UK again in June so if my review has remotely irked your interest i'd recommend you grab a pair of tickets.

I did a really clever blogger trick that night though, left my SD card in the card reader! The only photos I took were on my phone and we all know how well bright lights and iPhones pair. I also hate those people who stand and watch a gig, concert or otherwise through their phone so put it away after two quick snaps. Instead i'll leave you with the video to George's new single Cassy'O and hope next time I don't make such a rookie mistake.

Enjoy pals.



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