Family ties

My last few days in Barbados were a blur of beaches and Concord. Yes, Concord. You may not know but Barbados was the only scheduled ‘holiday’ destination of Concord so they Bajans’ are pretty proud of it. I must say I’ve never given it much thought as I was too young to fly on it when it was at it’s peak and have never had the £8000 for the one-way ticket to travel on it when i was old enough! There are apparently another 6 Concords in the UK so if you live near one or hear of a showing, I’d go. Especially if you remotely interesting in physics and aerodynamics etc. On my last night we ate at the Lonestar. A converted 50s car garage that is now one of the trendy eating joints on the island. My Grandma refused the cocktails I tried to force on her, as she couldn’t stand the thought of another headache like the Cin Cin night.

 I left Barbados rejuvenated and ready to tackle London. It wasn’t a luxurious holiday, far from it. But home comforts combined with the magnificent landscapes and adventures was just when I needed.

 I know I mentioned before but it’s been nearly 10 years since I’d seen my grandparents and I’m so happy I went over. Knowing them in a more adult capacity makes them even more brilliant and I’m proud to say that I’m their Granddaughter. They both over came immense strife as children with grandparents who themselves were slaves on the island, and they faced immense prejudice moving to the UK in the 1950s. Through all of this they are both still witty, sharp and full of the best tales and anecdotes I’ve ever heard.

I’m now sat in my bed in London having been back at work for a few days, excited for my birthday.. Time flies when you’re having fun hey. Who’d have thought the end of March would come around so quick.

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