Okay so i'm away at the moment but as i'm only just back in the blogging game i don't want let slide and just drop off the face of the internet again. This is a cheeky pre-scheduled post, which quite honestly i think is the most amazing feet of technology! Who knew when blogs began you just just line up a post and have it delivered to the internet whenever you want.

Last week i went to MEATliquor, now this one of those places that people talk about and you feel obliged to go at least once. If you like meat and strong drinks, you're in. There was the fabled queue outside but we shimmied though the door after only about 10 minutes. To be honest it wasn't as packed inside as the queue suggested which was slightly irritating but what can you do, it clearly sets a certain ambiance and excitement.

We went for a plethora of cocktails accompanied by their well-reputed burgers and a chilli cheese dog. I'm a bit of a burger fiend, you'll likely find this out. There is one place in London (the secret of which i'll let you in on soon, not your usual Patty and Bun or some fancy pants burger venue) that holds the crown in my eyes, hence why i went for the hot dog. Man, it was good though; spicy spicy chilli and jalapeños with a hot dog that has that strange but perfect bite to it. All stuffed into a bun made by bread fairies. My friend assured me her burger was top notch and we gobbled down some fried between us. Another cocktail and some giggles and it was home time. Full times jobs and late night socialising on a school night don't mix too well in my life!!

I hope the weather's nice in England. I'm writing this days before but can assure you it's lovely here.


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