Out on the open road

My coastal drive adventure was one of the best days I’ve had in I don’t know how long! My grandma and I set out early to travel to the north of the island to the Animal Flower Cave. Omitting a certain mistake on my part where I realised I’d left my SD card in my room (a mere 45 minutes away at home) we were some of the first to arrive. The cave still fills up at high tide, it’s obviously closed at this time, and has been open since the mid 50s - apparently there’s even been a wedding down there! The best part of the start of the day was however the views; Christ, I’ve never seen landscape like it! Especially when juxtaposed with the calm seas of the west coast, you wouldn’t believe you were on the same island.

The rest of the day was spent traveling down the east coast. I’ve always believed in intuition but this day I totally proved to myself that a good sense of direction beats any map. It’s well known that there aren’t any real maps of Barbados, most are just touristy and point out the major landmarks. Roads and built and not really documented and as you’ll see from the photos sign posting isn’t really a Bajan thing! It seemed I’d chosen to stop off at all the weird non-tourist attractions after that (disused lighthouse anyone?). It took us all day to get to the South Coast (quite the achievement when you think they island is only 21km long!), with just two wrong turns, but I was rewarded with the best beach I’ve ever laid eyes on at Bottom Bay. My Grandma refused to descend the stairs to the beach so I had an awkward tourist photo taken by a kind (read – strange) man who was seemingly approaching all those alone on the beach to take their photos - this isn't included as it was out of focus and cut me from my knees!! The sea was rough but crystal clear with the whitest, finest sand. Definitely somewhere to visit if you’re ever in Barbs.

Now I’m sitting on the veranda watching Granddad cut the grass (‘All for show’ my grandma says) whilst Grandma is cooking jerk pork for dinner. I do wonder if people would mind if I never came home!

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