Shark in the Water

As a little trip out of the norm i went to see a magic show last week. Not the kind of Paul Daniels magic i used to love a a child, but up close, no holds barred, card trick magic. I like to think i can decipher most things; my life has been focused on understanding the whats and whys and hows of anything out of the ordinary - this however, was mind blowing.

In a small theatre inside the Courthouse Hotel at Oxford Circus you're faced merely feet away from some of the most incredible slight of hand you've ever seen. With jumping aces, disappearing Jacks and more Royal Flushes than after too many sprouts at Buckingham Palace (sorry, dad joke!), The Card Shark starring Steve Truglia was totally captivating and more educational than your usual Magic Show. Looking at the historical links between gambling and magic, Steve truly managed to pull the wool over our eyes and we all left saying 'HOW, BUT I DON'T GET IT!?".

I got my tickets though a private ticket club but you can purchase tickets via their website. I'd really recommend a visit before a few drinks or as an alternative night out.

Now, to go and dig out my old Debbie McGee costume...

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