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Well, I guess we should start with hello! Or at least a welcome back to my old readers. It’s been a long old year out but I can honestly say I’ve not been as excited about something as I have re-launching this little internet space in a really long time.

To start with, a catch up… a debrief of sorts. Last time we met I was back at home after an unsuccessful and bitterly disappointing move to Italy. I was working in a deli and honestly a little down and out. No real job prospects, a lot of my friends were still in university or lived too far away for me to cry on, and honestly everything was so uninspiring my blog suffered a fatal blow.

A year on, I’ve officially lived in London for a whole 12 months, successfully living through the pain of being an Intern on minimum wage for 6 of those months! I now have a full time, real life, grown up job in an office that I love and am actually just moved into my new flat in West London. I have however been lacking a certain creative side. I haven’t once taken my camera out to take photos (tell you the truth it’s been on my window up north!), haven’t written a word that wasn’t to do with work and have longed to flex my creative muscles. Even if they are slightly amateur! Snapping away with an iPhone is all well and good but there is nothing quite like lugging my old cameras around with me and taking big girl photos.

Those who read my blog it the past will see it looks a little different. There are still amendments to be made, new header, icons and logos etc but I really wanted to ‘re-launch’ (sounds snazzy doesn’t it) at the start of March. Spring, new starts etc etc. SO look out for the changes to come, I hope you like them!

I’m a little more organised than in the past with the old blog. I shan’t make any promise, as of course nothing is set in stone and life can get in the way, but I’m aiming to do four monthly features. More on these as they come but as the times change I’m intending on a monthly video blog, which is yet to be given a title, and have a few other tricks up my sleeve. Hopefulyl I can get backto my roots of baking more and even doing some crafts again as well as the usual lifestyle stuff.
I’m really happy to be back. Even happier that you’re reading. To my old readers, thank you for coming back, it really means a lot. To you new lot, welcome to a world of endless ramblings about not much at all.

Let the games begin…
Kate x


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