Birthday reflections

I had this blog post in mind but not written coming up to my birthday and tonight I came home a bundle of energy ready to edit and write a few posts of recent goings on. However, an hour ago I found out that Peached Geldof has died aged 25.

I’m unsure why as yet but I believe I’ve never been so affected by a death of someone in the public domain. I don’t like the word celebrity, I never have, but Peaches was someone of my age who has been in the public eye for as long as I’ve been malleable to the pressures of social media. She was as celebrity as celebrity got. Long before Twitter and Instagram, when celebrities wrote in your favourite magazines and you got your weekly gossip from some terrible publication like Sugar. She was always a contemporary living a life like no other 15 year old could imagine.

Having just turned 23 I still feel like I'm on the cusp of adulthood. Every day I feel a little like an impostor in a grown-up office with people who need me to make decisions and sign documents. I do however know my strengths and weaknesses, and know I have so much more to give to my friends, family and colleagues for a long time coming. The thought of somebody else beginning their life, just like I feel mine is just beginning, and it so tragically ends is too much to bear.

Birthdays are a strange thing, as you get older they have a tendency to stop being so exciting, as each year comes with expected new responsibilities and self-served expectations. They always make me reminisce but also, on a more positive note, look forward to what’s to come. They too make me realise just how much I care for all the wonderful people I have in my life and what they give me materially, spiritually and otherwise. News like this makes me realise life’s too short. It’s time to start shrugging off the responsibilities and just live.

So this post goes out to all those I love. I’m sorry this has taken a slightly morbid turn but just know if you know me and you’re reading this, I cherish you dearly. Now, go tell someone you love them too.



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