the 1975

Last Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to see the 1975 play at The Royal Albert Hall as part of their ‘Albert sessions’ series. I see quite a lot of live music but rarely take my camera so this was a real test of my camera skills as well as seeing one of my favourite bands live.

Firstly, the gig; outstanding. The band were totally humbled by the venue which transferred into a marvellous raw energy like I’ve not seen in some time. Well-rehearsed and supreme vocals from Matty Healy made for a totally incredible show. There was one point, during  ‘Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You’, where Matt broke down into tears; clearly overwhelmed by the almost anthemic echoes from the crowd, flying around the magnificent hall. A real 10/10, and somewhat of an emotional roller coaster for me as I guess in times of eternal optimism or monumental lows it’s albums like ‘The 1975’ that I turn to!

Secondly, the photos speak for them selves I guess. It’s taken real effort to get back into photography and take proper photos again and there are a couple that I took that I’m really proud of. It’s all about little steps and I like to think these photos have validated my hard work somewhat!

I hope you’re all well and I must say a massive thank you to you all regards to my last blog post.  I was really blown away by the kind words people sent to me. I really  truly appreciate people reading my ramblings so THANKS!

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