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Have you ever received something so brilliant in the post that you want to tell all your friends about it? I had this feeling initially with Graze boxes, about my Elle magazine subscription, Netflix and so on and so forth. Looking back though, I think it was just the excitement of the new and unknown that made me feel that way; as opposed to the actual content! Earlier in the week however, I received a real treat - my first box from Lucky Dip Club.

I heard about Lucky Dip Club from a friend of mine months and months ago. We swiftly signed up to the email updates to let us know when the boxes would launch, and in all honesty I forgot about it. Then last month, up pinged a message from the lovely Leona - some of you may well know her from Lady Luck Rules OK, she's the kind of lady you kind of want to be your best friend and also owns one of the coolest watches i've ever set eyes on. Lucky Dip Club was up in action and I knew that I had to get my hands on one.

Then last Wednesday, it arrived. Brown (boxed) packaging, tied up with strings (cue singing...) I opened it carefully, peeling back the paper to find a few of my new favourite things; starting with a delightful, personalised thank you note (thank you again Leona!!) and revealing some absolute gems.

This month I got:
- A personalized hand-printed wooden broach
- A set of 1970s style temporary tattoos and nail art
- An adorable cat mirror in a handmade vintage pouch
- ‘Flower power’ washi tape and cocktail sticks to make DIY washi flags for cupcake toppers
- A duo of cute fridge magnets
- Some jumbo stickers

The content supersedes the £15 that I paid for it, quite obviously. The detail of it all is really rather exquisite and the personal touches make it truly special. There are a limited number of boxes each month you can buy, or you can sign up to a subscription. Make sure you go and have a read here, and whilst you're at it sign up to Leona's Twitter (@luckydipclub) and Instagram for more information, sneak peeks and competitions.

This is a box for those who like the unique; who love buying trinkets for their dressing table, and having pretty handmade bits-and-bobs for their handbags. I know I’ll enjoy my Lucky Dip subscriptions for months to come and honestly don't think that excitement will fade!

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