A little reflection

Summer has arrived! The weather is divine, people are happy and there's ice cream to be eaten.

I must say though, this time of year makes me ever so slightly sad; this is the second year that it hasn’t been ‘summer’ any more, not the conventional summer I lived for about twelve years where I was off from school or 6th form or university. I’m not sure when the feeling of missing out on adventures will shake, or if it ever does but I’m sure those of you who are recent graduates feel the same! Now, I don’t go dwelling on the fact that I’m officially never going to be off for three months again, with very little accountability or anything to really do; but these past few sunny weeks have got me thinking about university, moving forwards and the challenges of those early years you come out for education blinking into the light of ‘real life’.

So this post, despite its slightly morose beginnings, will be dedicated to all you movers and shakers; the 18 years old who are just about to embark on semi-real life and all of you fresh faced twenty-somethings, suddenly realising the concept of jobs is exponentially scarier than you ever could have thought. I hope not to be patronising and most certainly don’t seek to be inspiring but I guess I just want to be true. I just want to say, it’ll be okay.

Those of you who have read this blog for a longer time than I could imagine anyone would read it, may remember my ill-fated move to Italy and the following low I suffered. I had mega plans to Au Pair out there for a year and it just all went wrong. I wasn’t au pair-ing, more sitting in my attic room waiting to be of use. I’m not one to sit around being bored so made the hard choice to come back to England. Looking back I think that was the start of a little bit of a downwards ‘failure spiral’. I struggled getting a job and ended up working in a deli for some months, I was sad and couldn’t see a way forwards. Eventually I was successful in applying for an internship; initially even this wasn’t enough for me, an internship wasn’t where I’d seen myself. Retrospectively, it was the making of me. The experience of monumental lows truly put into perspective what I did have and the potential of things to come.

So I upped and moved 235 miles away to the Big Smoke, an experience that quickly made me realise that university had been a little like a dress rehearsal for real life. This is where the intention of this post was leading - I’m now sat here in my beautiful new apartment, with a full time job (I was kept on following my internship) and my ever-present wonderful friends and family, happier than ever. I’ve met some fantastic people through work, twitter and blogging, with new experiences popping up at every moment. Be it at work, sat on my mum’s old sofa or lying in the park with my pals, I cherish all I have old and new. The experience was and remains to be a struggle at some points, still come the moments when I have to call my parents for a little cash (sorry mum!) and, when I realise I don’t know how to fix the hinge of my wardrobe. All in all though, the lows truly made the highs shine though.

Remember, you will makes friends if you treat people well, you will get a job even if the latest rejection from some company you’ve never heard of has crushed your soul, and you most certainly will become a bigger and better person than you could ever imagine. Accept every opportunity, even if you think at the time it’s not very you. If it transpires that it wasn’t the right decision, that’s okay too. Change it. Never be unhappy and feel stuck. Talk about how you feel with somebody, anybody; I can guarantee somebody else will feel the same. I’m only at the start of my journey and I’m excited for what’s to come!



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