Afternoon Tea at The Dean Street Townhouse

These past few weeks have been manic, right!? It's been one of those times where I don't know if I'm coming or going, which is good I suppose because no one wants to be bored; plus it has/will mean that there is plenty of content for this little space. Although it does mean that during my workdays I'm nearly asleep at my desk! Combined with late nights and 6am starts I'm starting to extinguish a little.

So today, I'm going back a little, back to a time when I wasn't fading and when my darling mother came to visit. I know everybody thinks that their mum is ace, but mine really is the bomb. Her weekend was a little holiday for both of us; she deserved a treat and what better thing to do on holiday than Afternoon Tea.

This most wonderful and British of traditions is only ever luxurious - I mean when else can you drink champagne and eat sandwiches, scones (yes, plural) and cakes at 3 o'clock in the afternoon? I booked us a table at Dean Street Townhouse in Soho, a venue with a classic British menu with both a traditional dining room and, the ultra plush, velvet armchair clad lounge area. I chose here mainly because I pre-empted an afternoon of mooching around central and nipping to Liberty. It turned out to be a really wonderful decision as it was quite possibly the best Afternoon Tea I've had in some years. Lovely fresh sandwiches with tomatoes and salmon and a fancy coronation chicken (all different sandwiches of course), multiple scones with fresh jams and clotted cream and, a marvelous selection of cakes from Battenberg to salted caramel éclairs and lovely cupcakes full of yet more jam. The best part: it comes in at under £20 per person. Yes, you heard me! We had a few extras but I think for a good quality food with a sprinkle of fun and laughter and lots of lovely food and tea what more could you wish for!

My only piece of advice is don’t do what I did and use the hand soap as hand cream (I don’t t know how I managed it!). You’ll end up with really sticky hands until you can find a decent water source!! A totally unpleasant feeling!

The rest of the afternoon was spent dodging rain followed by a late dinner at the wonderful tapas restaurant Pix at their Soho branch on Bateman Street. Now I’m off to get in bed!

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