Travel Photographer of the Year at the RGS

I needed a quiet weekend last weekend. It’s been non-stop for weeks round in Maxwell Towers so I was all ready to shut the door and remove myself for a few days. But then my wonderful friend called, he’s only in London for a few weeks and I couldn’t say no to a little afternoon out.

We met in South Kensington and decided to mooch up to one of my favourite haunts, The Royal Geographical Society. I know we were in the home of the museum giants, The V&A and The Natural History Museum - but sometimes its more fun to amble around in the shadows right? The site, at the very top of Exhibition Road, houses the societies’ vast archives of maps, books and historical geographic texts… exciting yes!? It also happens to be in the wonderful red brick building and slinks down the side of The Royal Albert Hall. In my eyes, it is the ultimate underdog. If any of you know of any fun, little known exhibition spaces in London or otherwise do let me know! I'm always looking for recommendations.

It was the last day of one of my favourite annual exhibitions – The Travel Photographer of the Year; I know I know, writing about an exhibition once it’s closed is a little silly but it’s on every year so you can always pop it in your diary for next time!

It is honestly one of the best photography exhibitions around. The photos are part of a competition with thousands of submissions from around the world, so those on display really are the best of the best. As respect to the artists you aren’t to take photos directly of the entries, which I totally respect, but you can find some of the winners here. Along with the some of the pictures, my very favourite part was the hilarious location signs, Mordor anyone!?

As I said, it’s closed now, but make sure a to keep an eye on the RGS website for more of the free shows, speeches and presentations in their exhibition space. They run a really exciting regular programme that might even entice the least geographical minded of you!

I’m off to Helsinki today so expect plenty of updates on my twitter and instagram. Happy Bank holiday everyone!

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