Altrincham Market

I still maintain that home is the best place in the world. My little (or not so little!) sister has just started university recently and it’s got me thinking about moving away from home and how difficult it is; all of the things you miss. This isn’t going to be one of those posts where I talk about semi-serious matters, but just a little reflection on the best things about home – my mum, my cats and the Aga all feature highly.

No doubt if you’re under 18 or have never left home the concept is the extremely exciting. The prospect of never having to tell somebody when you’ll be back or going to IKEA and buying your own furniture likely fill you with fizzing anticipation. I’m not saying those things aren’t great, but just sometimes having your mum stroke your hair when you are sad or chatting with the postman you’ve known for longer than most of your friends is everything. Also, in reality until you buy a house finding a flat you can fully furnish yourself is hard work!!

This day is from when I was at home a few weeks ago, tired of the stresses and strains on London life. My Mum, a mega twitter addict and all round newly tech savvy lady, had seen some Internet murmurs of the renovation at the brilliant Altrincham Market (@altrinchammkt). We piled in the car and went on a little adventure - just me, mum and my sister.

The Market House (@MarketHouseAlty) is where the renovation has taken place and what a beautiful job they’ve done! A brilliant mix of vendors with oodles of style and panache; they’ve kept a really solid identity of markets halls of old and not tried to go down a 'too trendy’ street market look. An eclectic vibe with massive tables for families and friends alike, and let’s not forget the variety of food – pizza, salads, Mediterranean sandwiches and an amazing chocolatier for treats and nibbles. We got salad and chicken from the delectable Ginger Kid and fantastic, handmade pizzas from Honest Crust. The pizzas were exceptional, truly authentic with amazing flavours and toppings including 'Nduja sausage, fresh ricotta and roasted artichoke. All on my favourite sourdough crust - Fresh, filling and delicious.

The outdoor market it is an outrageous mix of jams, antiques, art and granola. I even managed to pick up a brilliant little side table that is my current up-cycling project. If you’re in the North West I couldn’t recommend a visit more (and make sure you grab a pizza or two!).

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