I don’t know how many of you were readers when I wrote about the death of Peaches Geldof, it hit me really hard. I’ve linked it there so you can understand my reasoning for writing the piece and understand my view of what transpired to be a more tragic situation than we could ever have imagined. I think it really covers just the tip of the emotions I’m feeling right now.

Now, I know this blog is regularly a mish-mash of emotions juxtaposed with food and music. Today is not going to be a fun day; there are no burgers or glitter here.

 My friend has died. One of my best, most precious friends. He had been struggling with illness for some months and for all intents and purposes I should have been ready. But nothing can prepare a person for this kind of news. I’m not writing this for sympathy, nor for tears. I just want to use how I feel in these moments to pass on a message. A message we all should know but sometimes forget – Be thankful and live every single day to it’s fullest. Eat the biscuit, run for the bus, blow kisses at the attractive man on the tube. I’m not a religious person but my Dad has said something in recent hours that struck me - here by the grace of God we stand. Don't take life for granted.

Be kind and gracious always. Most importantly, smile.

The pain right now is unbearable and I think writing this down has helped my collect some of my grander thoughts. If you’re sad like I am, then tell somebody, tell me, tell anybody. We can all do it together.

This is a post for Steve. Not just a guy, but thee guy.


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