Dear 2014, from Kate

Dear 2014,

I’ll keep this relatively short and sweet. You’ve been mixed. I think you’re the first year where I’ve been challenged to such extremes.

I have travelled far and wide; seen my old grandparents in Barbados, had the time of my life with friends and family in Brighton, Helsinki, Malta, Antwerp. I crave more than ever to have the chance to see the world and have exciting plans for next year. But you’ve forged memories which I will never forget.

On memories, you handed me to most difficult experience of my life when Steve died. I wasn’t sure how I’d get through it, and doubt I ever will. I’ve never lost a comrade so close before and I’ll be sure never to forget. There have been points this year where I’ve felt my most isolated. One of many in a big city – a little aimless and uncertain.

More positively however, I’ve never known myself quite like this before. Being self-aware is something I hold in high esteem and this year you have taught me I’m fitter, stronger and better than I’ve ever realised. Professionally, I’m getting there – my peers respect me and my work and, I actually enjoy getting up in the mornings! This has been a year of real discovery and for that I am grateful.

Next year I don’t ask for much. My only goals are based around my health and fitness – pursuing and pushing myself more. Other than that, give me good health and happiness, family and friends and that’s all I ask.

Thank you 2014 for shaping me, even if just in a small way, into the adult I’m slowly becoming.

And thank you – all of you who read, for giving me this small positive online haven to ramble and chat. Here’s a Happy New Year to you all.

from Kate


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