The Art of The Brick

I think one of the perks of living in London is the abundance of the weird and wonderful. On your doorstep there’s theatre, music, shops and exhibitions, which I think, are unrivalled in quality and abundance. I try and make an effort to go to a few things a month; sounds easy I know but no one tells you that when you’re playing at being grown up, actual adult things get in the way of the constant fun!

This exhibition was one I’d been aching to see for some months – The Art of The Brick. I met with my partner in crime after work and we slinked off to Brick Lane.

The exhibition is Lego. Just Lego! I won’t spoil it too much by posting pictures of everything, just my favourite three, but I must say it was well worth the entry fee. Room on room of massive Lego statues. There are interactive elements, some film, and most importantly a gigantic dinosaur! The artist Nathan Sawaya was a lawyer who basically use to make Lego figurines after work to relax. Simple as that. Now he’s a worldwide phenomenon - The exhibition has travelled the globe so we’re pretty lucky to have it. I must say my very favourite part is the last room – a room FULL OF LEGO. We made a really annoying massive statue knowing full well someone would have to come and dissemble it all and, had a general amazing time with all the other grown-ups playing with Lego!

After all the excitement off to Hackney we went to my number one dinner venue The Advisory for whiskey and burgers – the perfect remedy to the overwhelming excitement created by thousands of tiny bricks.

Are there any must see exhibitions I should see on at the moment or in the New Year? Comment or tweet me and let me know!

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