So where were we? I feel like I’ve not written anything properly in ages. As usual my poor little blog ends up being compromised when life gets busy; I’ve been in recovery mode for a few weeks now after tearing ligaments in my ankle so a lot of my energy has been going into that. Another little change has been moving offices from my little spot in Hammersmith to Kensington. I must say I quite like the change, - new scenery, new people and a bit of new energy to reinvigorate my creative juices (something that can be difficult sometimes in the industry I‘m in!).

I feel like I’ve finally come out from the Christmas haze, through the fake snow, back into my routines and fully embracing this New Year. As a solid believer in moderation and eating your greens, I thought best to counteract the month long madness with a little goodness. Last week I went out with my lovely pal from City Experts (now Local Guides – have a read to find out how to become one!) and we went to a fantastic spot near Oxford Circus. Ethos is a Vegetarian establishment where they have a very simple, well, ethos! You get your plate, you choose, you weigh, you pay. They have an incredible range of hot and cold salads, veg, curries, dips, sauces and breads. Their signature scotch eggs are to die for and the aubergines were second to none. Even better my plate and pudding all came in under £15 - easily one of the best meat-free meals I’ve had for some time. I didn't take any photos of the food because quite frankly, sometimes food just needs to be eaten! I can assure you that it's divine though.

Located on Eastcastle Street, just off Oxford Street, this is easily a perfect spot for a quick bit for lunch (they do take away too) or a leisurely dinner.

I promise soon I’ll have a big girl blog post up with photos and long winded rambling like in days of old. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope the weather hasn’t been too terrible for you of late.

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