Life Affirmations for 2015

I don’t know about you but I don’t believe in resolutions. To resolve suggests fixing yourself; we shouldn’t be fixing, we should reconcile what we have and seek to add to it. I’m sure, like me, we’ve all decided we need to change something in the past – hair, weight, diet etc etc, the usual New Year rigmarole.

Last year however, I changed that and decided to write a series of positive affirmations - no more negative change. I vowed to buy art for my flat, to improve my upper body strength and to be happy in 2014. I found these on New Years day and to my delight I’d done them, all of them! Except learn to meditate, but I’m sure that’ll come with time! So this year I’m going to put them here for all of you.

My 2015 affirmations aren’t life changing, probably nothing that I wouldn’t have done without the New Year, but they’re my changes. Little things I can do day to day to make me my best self. I also want you to tell me what you’re affirming to do this year? Have you danced around in your knickers singing yet because you’re so happy with all the ways you’re going to kick ass? No negatives, no self-deprecation – even if your goal is to lose weight, change the way it sounds ‘I’m affirming to eat better and move more’.

This is Kate in 2015:
  • I want to be able to do 25 press-ups. At present I can do 10, I’m adding one every two days until I reach my goal. 
  • My only failed affirmation from 2014 was that I never put the time aside to learn to meditate! This year I’m making more time to be mindful.
  • This year I will grow my blog. I’m amazed at how much this space has grown since I started blogging properly on here last year (after years of stopping and starting!). In 2015 I’m gong to try and put more and more into it, for you guys!
  • Be more Daisy Lowe - a statement I’m going to live by. What a creature! I don’t seek to look like Daisy, she’s a model, but I’m going to channel more Lowe in my life. Take her silhouettes and confidence. I see her as a yes girl and I’m going to take more of that forward in my day to day.
  • Pay off my Credit Card… classic
  • The only classic television show I’ve never watched, The Wire. I’m going to watch it from start to finish this year. I say this year; I’ll probably have finished this one by Sunday.



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    1. I feel like it might be a while til i meditate! Still struggling to even get in bed on time at present!! xx


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