Listen to the Man

Last Friday we went on a little jaunt to Brixton for a night of food and good music. My flatmate use to live in Brixton so had all the low down on the what’s and where’s to eat. We ended up at Senzala in Brixton Village and my two friends, who both lived in France for a year, both agreed that the crepes were probably the most brilliant we’ve ever had. Oozing with cheese, faultlessly balanced flavours and eggs cooked to perfection. It was the perfect way to start an evening of singing and dancing at Brixton Academy.

We were off to see my pal and yours, George Ezra. I won’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen him live since this time last year (it’s edging closer and closer to ten…) but as usual, his show was flawless. It seems like an eternity since I reviewed his first headline tour but honestly, he is still as good now with full production and a band as he was on his own in a room of 50. To make it even better, the gig also really got me ready for my summer of festivals, fun and holidays. Are any of you gong to anything exciting this summer?

I’m back in my old university town this weekend, a weekend out of London is just what the doctor ordered; we’re off out tonight for a slightly more refined evening than the night we would have had five year ago. All hurtling towards our mid twenties, none of us can do it anymore – dinner, drinks and good company is all that's on the cards for tonight. Have a brilliant weekend Internet pals!

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Markus Lupfer AW15

It’s that time of year again, fashion month! I don’t know about you but I often feel there’s an air of superiority around the fashion weeks. People seem to magically get these beautiful invites through the post then swan around in fashionable wears, posting a trillion instagram’s and hashtagging all over the shop. I’ve always had a vested interest in fashion, a pass time one could say, but that elitist air that surrounds fashion week always made me feel I’d never get to go! That and the fact I work up to 50 hours a week at my day job some weeks, there was never the scope nor time for fashion week!

Then a few weeks ago I read this brilliant piece from Kristabel’s archive - unearthing the secrets of the applications and the rejections from various shows. The effort to get your passes. It made me breath a sigh of relief that bloggers weren’t just ethereal creatures unearthed in full regalia for Fashion Week! You should really have a read if you are privy to life envy (I know I am!) because it makes the whole thing seem more real.

Then, in came my invite to the Markus Lupfer presentation! I’m lucky to know a friend of a friend who works fashion week who wrangled us an invite last minute - we were all ready to leave the house for a day traipsing around town and then there we were, glamorously riding the district line to our first (and only!) LFW presentation.

The set up was perfection – a stroll through enchanted fairy woodland. Sumptuous greenery and suspended bunnies decorated the halls and the girls were so beautiful! Most importantly, the clothes… the pieces were opulence personified with gilded jacquard and patterns hinting at forbidden fruits. The sporty luxe materials and shapes were cleverly juxtaposed with bejewelled knits and the most incredible eyewear from the Markus Lupfer for Linda Farrow collection.

If and when the time comes I have saved all the money ever, I’d be ecstatic to pick up a piece from the collection - namely the black embellished shift dress, and a pair of those sunglasses! The day closed with a trip to Violet – a favourite old haunt of mine when I lived east but somewhere I don’t get to visit nearly enough nowadays. Now, back to the day job, it was fun pretending to be super cool for the day!

I hope you’ve all had weekend of total opulence or total slobbery – whichever you favour.

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The place you long to be

I went home this last weekend for a little country air and mum chats - Saturday was punctuated with friends and frolics, Sunday was time spent just mummy and I. Sunday morning was particularly enchanting though. I’d been out on Saturday night so was more than ready to live beneath the covers for at least 10 hours, but I woke up to the most magical morning.

I set off on an adventure dressed only in my nightshirt and wellies for an hour traipsing around the fields. I think these are the pictures I’m going to look back at when ever I miss home; a few photos of the views, memories of the fresh air and most importantly, my lovely lovely kitty cats.

I hope you're all looking to have an excellent week. I'm off to see Cats at the theatre tomorrow then will spend the rest of the week preparing for the next big calendar event... Pancake day. I'm not bitter and twisted and hating on Valentines day, but why bother mentioning it if you're single right? No hate, just total ignorance - it's more graceful that way I think. If anybody does want to send me a card though it's 'PO BOX Valentines for Kate'.

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February 2014: Love Want Need

The Bloggers' Market

On a dull and rainy Saturday there was only one thing that could lighten the mood – shopping. Internet favourites Carrie, Liv, Lucy, Kristabel and Dunya were opening up their wardrobes for The Bloggers’ Market at Camden Foundry. So off we trekked to North London for a morning of bargain hunting and rifling though other peoples’ clothes.

 The venue was gorgeous and as expected from five full time bloggers there were treats and trinkets galore. I picked up three beautiful dresses – one from The White Pepper for just £10, and an unworn Miss Selfridge coat all for £45. Yep, all that for less than fifty quid! My flatmate made an absolute killing with multiple pairs of trousers, a co-ord, dresses and everything in between, and my pal even picked up a Cos jacket; it was honestly hard not to leave with even more. Well worth traipsing up to Camden (the place where cool goes to die!) for.

 The atmosphere was brilliant, part bargain hunt part Cribs… if Cribs was me rooting though people’s wardrobes. It’s also great going to events where people are all happy to have their cameras out and not being that strange girl taking photos and generally being in the way. Oh and let’s not forget the beautiful cakes on offer and gorgeous décor at The Foundry.

 A big well done to the girls for such a brilliant event, here’s hoping for more in the future!

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* photo credit to Kara from Queen of the LBD