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Last Friday we went on a little jaunt to Brixton for a night of food and good music. My flatmate use to live in Brixton so had all the low down on the what’s and where’s to eat. We ended up at Senzala in Brixton Village and my two friends, who both lived in France for a year, both agreed that the crepes were probably the most brilliant we’ve ever had. Oozing with cheese, faultlessly balanced flavours and eggs cooked to perfection. It was the perfect way to start an evening of singing and dancing at Brixton Academy.

We were off to see my pal and yours, George Ezra. I won’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen him live since this time last year (it’s edging closer and closer to ten…) but as usual, his show was flawless. It seems like an eternity since I reviewed his first headline tour but honestly, he is still as good now with full production and a band as he was on his own in a room of 50. To make it even better, the gig also really got me ready for my summer of festivals, fun and holidays. Are any of you gong to anything exciting this summer?

I’m back in my old university town this weekend, a weekend out of London is just what the doctor ordered; we’re off out tonight for a slightly more refined evening than the night we would have had five year ago. All hurtling towards our mid twenties, none of us can do it anymore – dinner, drinks and good company is all that's on the cards for tonight. Have a brilliant weekend Internet pals!

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