Markus Lupfer AW15

It’s that time of year again, fashion month! I don’t know about you but I often feel there’s an air of superiority around the fashion weeks. People seem to magically get these beautiful invites through the post then swan around in fashionable wears, posting a trillion instagram’s and hashtagging all over the shop. I’ve always had a vested interest in fashion, a pass time one could say, but that elitist air that surrounds fashion week always made me feel I’d never get to go! That and the fact I work up to 50 hours a week at my day job some weeks, there was never the scope nor time for fashion week!

Then a few weeks ago I read this brilliant piece from Kristabel’s archive - unearthing the secrets of the applications and the rejections from various shows. The effort to get your passes. It made me breath a sigh of relief that bloggers weren’t just ethereal creatures unearthed in full regalia for Fashion Week! You should really have a read if you are privy to life envy (I know I am!) because it makes the whole thing seem more real.

Then, in came my invite to the Markus Lupfer presentation! I’m lucky to know a friend of a friend who works fashion week who wrangled us an invite last minute - we were all ready to leave the house for a day traipsing around town and then there we were, glamorously riding the district line to our first (and only!) LFW presentation.

The set up was perfection – a stroll through enchanted fairy woodland. Sumptuous greenery and suspended bunnies decorated the halls and the girls were so beautiful! Most importantly, the clothes… the pieces were opulence personified with gilded jacquard and patterns hinting at forbidden fruits. The sporty luxe materials and shapes were cleverly juxtaposed with bejewelled knits and the most incredible eyewear from the Markus Lupfer for Linda Farrow collection.

If and when the time comes I have saved all the money ever, I’d be ecstatic to pick up a piece from the collection - namely the black embellished shift dress, and a pair of those sunglasses! The day closed with a trip to Violet – a favourite old haunt of mine when I lived east but somewhere I don’t get to visit nearly enough nowadays. Now, back to the day job, it was fun pretending to be super cool for the day!

I hope you’ve all had weekend of total opulence or total slobbery – whichever you favour.

Markus Lupfer 1 Markus Lupfer 2 Markus Lupfer 4 Markus Lupfer 5 Markus Lupfer 6 Markus Lupfer 3 Markus Lupfer 7 Markus Lupfer 8 Markus Lupfer 7 Markus Lupfer 8 Markus Lupfer 9 Markus Lupfer 10 Markus Lupfer 11 Markus Lupfer 12 Markus Lupfer 13 Markus Lupfer 14


  1. What camera do you use for your blog photos? :)

    1. Hiya! For this post I used my newest camera which is the Sony a5000. A really super compact system camera at the cheer end of the scale (most like this cost about £600!!). Then I have a DSLR which is the Sony a390 which i've used for most posts in the past. Also a phew iPhone shots and my Samsung compact thrown in there too! Totally recommend the a5000 though, great quality, lightweight and you can change the lenses for all the other Sony a frame cameras. Sorry for being so longwinded! xx


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