The place you long to be

I went home this last weekend for a little country air and mum chats - Saturday was punctuated with friends and frolics, Sunday was time spent just mummy and I. Sunday morning was particularly enchanting though. I’d been out on Saturday night so was more than ready to live beneath the covers for at least 10 hours, but I woke up to the most magical morning.

I set off on an adventure dressed only in my nightshirt and wellies for an hour traipsing around the fields. I think these are the pictures I’m going to look back at when ever I miss home; a few photos of the views, memories of the fresh air and most importantly, my lovely lovely kitty cats.

I hope you're all looking to have an excellent week. I'm off to see Cats at the theatre tomorrow then will spend the rest of the week preparing for the next big calendar event... Pancake day. I'm not bitter and twisted and hating on Valentines day, but why bother mentioning it if you're single right? No hate, just total ignorance - it's more graceful that way I think. If anybody does want to send me a card though it's 'PO BOX Valentines for Kate'.

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