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Today is international happiness day. Now, I wasn’t very happy this morning - it was the cloudiest morning ever and all I wanted to do was see the solar eclipse. It has quite honestly been in my diary for over a month but, I guess you win some, you lose some! Instead of being negative though I thought I’d end the day with some refection on what’s been making me happy recently...
Daffodils and Sunshine
I’m sure you’re like me – mad for dafs! Now, I don’t really believe in flowers in terms of land usage, irrigation etc (the environmentalist in me has many a thought like this, see also: cards and beef…). Daffodils though, oh god aren’t they beautiful! They brighten up my day when I’m walking past my local flower stand and fix any early start when I’m trudging to the gym at 6.30 in the morning. To top it all off, aren't these brighter days better; lifting spirits day by day.

My sister’s snapchats
I’m not sure if my sister even reads this! She’s probably got much more important things to do like comb her endless hair or be dead pretty; but most mornings I have about three minutes worth of snapchats to watch… and I love them! We’ve lived apart for about five years now, so it really brightens up my days to see her wearing a flower garland in some northern bar at 2am!

Time with old friends
This weekend I’m dying with excitement because I’m being reunited with some of my oldest friends. We met on the Internet (seemingly long before it was normal to have friends from ‘the Internet’) and have seen each other through school, bands, uni, trends and terrible hair! No doubt there’ll be love and laughter all weekend – we’ve been looking forward to it for months! Expect more photos than most of you probably care to see!

Last week I was lucky to have a sunny afternoon to on my own and I took myself to one of my very favourite spots off Brick Lane – DF Mexico. This place makes the best pork pibil tacos and is home to my favourite refill bar in all of London. Check it out if you’re looking for a quick bite to yourself or a long tasty dinner with friends.

Reaching fitness goals
I’m super into fitness. People, especially colleagues, often tell me I’m ‘young and should be doing more with myself’ but quite frankly, I don’t give a damn. This last month I’ve really made some incredible progress strength wise and sometimes it feels good to share that!

Here’s to being happy pals. What's put a smile on your face recently?
Have a marvellous weekend!

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