In the lonely hours of Midnight - Tor Miller

I find it's very easy to fall into clichés when writing about music. Right now there is a sea of incredibly talented musicians whom I love; on their own they are niche and exciting, but when lumped together seem to fall into a 'modern bluesy old time crooner' category (although crooner maybe sounds a little 1950s...). It can be hard to not just iterate the same words over and over - so don't hate me too much if you think you've heard it all before, trust me it's worth it.

When I wrote 'my year in music' last December it was inevitable that the tides would change pretty quickly and since then I have a real gem for you all - Tor Miller. There is true soul to Tor's tone and unlike many other of my favourites, we have a piano in place of the usual guitar. I went all the way to Dalston to see Tor last week, and it was nothing short of brilliant; smooth and evocative, his voice has a real Jeff Buckley quality to it - especially in terms of his range.

My favourite song 'Midnight', is arranged in such a special way, the song builds and lifts with real ease as the percussion and strings set in. Sparse to magnificent in all of three minutes. There is a real hymnal, poignant tone to his music that denotes so much passion and fervour it's hard to believe he's still so young. He also stopped for a quick chat after his set and I can say with ease not only is he super talented but genuinely lovely to boot. I should also mention, because it's not hard to notice, he's pretty easy on the eye too!

As always, I could go on and on but instead watch the video below and listen for yourself. Make sure you let me know what you think! Tor is also on Huw Stephens' Piano Sessions tomorrow night on Radio 1 at 11pm.

One more thing, his EP 'Headlights' was out last month - buy it now and say you were first on the bandwagon.

Tor Miller Servant Jazz Quaters


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