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Hello pals! Sorry it’s been a while – if any of you have been following my recent trip on Instagram you’ll have seen I’ve been travelling around Europe for the last two weeks. As usual, I was meant to get some posts scheduled, do some prep… you know, what good bloggers do. I know however you’ve all come to expect less than this from me, so thanks!

Today we’re gonna chat about friends. When you think of some of your oldest friends, what do you think of? School, nursery, university, even those people who you were destined to know because your parents were friends? When I ask myself this question I think about the Internet. Not the Internet like it is today with twitter, tumblr and crazy fan girls who are obsessed with a band… no wait, I do think about that last one. That was me. When I was 14, my life revolved around one thing predominantly, McFly. Queue the stifled laughter and raised eyebrows. Seriously though, my pals and I were (*are…) obsessed. To channel this obsession in a ‘secure’, ‘measured’ way we use to chatter away on forums– that’s right, those places your parents warned you about in 2003 when the Internet was a terrifying, relatively new frontier! Slowly but surely we became friends, proper friends. We built websites, met up, went to concerts – we even had a team name; slowly moving from forums to MySpace to Facebook and beyond. What is brilliant today, is that there are so many more people who understand this with the way social media has changed. Some people are a little confused how we managed to forge such friendships over 10 years ago but we did, and it worked.

These girls are some of my favourite people. We have so much in common, so much to talk about and so many years of good memories. I can probably only count the times I’ve met them on just two hands, but man I couldn’t live without them.

Recently a few of us met up for a little reunion – a weekend in London to chat all things music, boys, life and most importantly ‘internet’. We had a spending day, snapping away, filming for YouTube, talking about our internet loves and loathes – eating and laughing along the way. Lunch was at Ethos – we were going to Hawker House for dinner so went for something light. The ‘something light’ was followed by cupcakes from Crumbs and Doilies!! I’ve heard recently they’ve started a Speculoos Cupcake so will of course have to go back. Dinner and cocktails at Hawker House and a sleepover at my flat was what I’d call a perfect weekend.

Here’s to the Internet I say! To my new and old pals alike.

Now, I’m going to get going with started through my hundreds photos from across the globe, aided by a large glass of red and a hearty dinner – be patient with me, promise it’ll be worth it.

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