'My Chocolate' workshop

My Chocolate workshop 1I think it's safe to say, I like chocolate. From the best quality, luxury, dark chocolate to white chocolate pick'n'mix mice (which I sadly learnt weren't chocolate at all...), I don't discriminate. So when LDNmeet organised #MyChocBloggers, a chocolate making course, I was of course obliged to sign up. I rallied the troops (...my good pal Pippa from Ballpoints and Biscuits) and we agreed that on the Sunday of my return from Europe we'd ambled over East for the My Chocolate chocolate making course.

Meeting up with other local bloggers is always a delight. Like minded individuals who all speak internet is always a yes from me. That and there is absolutely no shame in holding a conversation whilst throwing some fancy hand shapes in your shot and rearranging table displays for the sake of one photo! It was also brilliant meeting girls who for, like me, blogging is hobby. Something you do in your spare moments.

The course was brilliant, we started with chocolate tasting (the perfect start to the session), then went on to learn about making our own ganache for truffles, traditional rolling techniques and, how to dip and decorate chocolates to a 'professional' finish. Quite how professional mine ended up I'm not sure but the frenzied morning of rolling, dipping and decorating my chocolates was an absolute hoot. In the process I managed to be the only one to cover my top in a stream of dark chocolate (note to self: don't buy any more dry clean only clothes). All totally worth it though as I lay on the sofa with my flatmate all afternoon eating my handmade treats. Not to forget, a big thanks to the LDNmeet team for organising the whole morning.

Now, not only did I leave with a box of handmade truffles and fudge but with the details of some really lovely girls who I'd happily see again and who's blogs have all been flagged for a Sunday reading session; make sure you have a look too - Elle, Fran, Ashleigh, Amanda, Leanne and Hayley. My Chocolate run a whole host of classes so make sure you take a look - their website is a grotto of chocolate-y information and tips from gift ideas to at home sessions.

If you'd believe it, i'd say I have all my Europe posts ready... I don't. But keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Had such a blast dipping and decorating too! Can't wait to see your Europe posts when you get it up! ��hopefully see you at another event soon x

  2. Chocolate is so tasty, I love it so much. A year ago I participated such event and it was amazing and interesting. Follow the link if you want to see the photo.

  3. The chocolate factory is so cool, you are a great boy, tell how you could open it, how much effort it cost you


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