Pals & Pizza at Craft & Dough


Well hasn’t this last month been a blur! I guess at my end it’s all been time spent celebrating my birthday (a two week long affair of course), going home for a perfect Easter break – introducing my beloved flatmate to my home town finally, and prepping for my big trip away. When this post is published I’m assuming I’ll be staring wide eyed at the departures board in an Italian train station to start the first leg of Interrailing.
This is a trip I’ve been meaning to take for what some would call ‘an absolute bloody age’; I’m going away on my own for a few weeks of solace and soul searching. I’m going to some of the cities I’ve been longing for and, will of course be photographing, writing and absorbing it all in so I can show you guys too. I expect to be spending a large proportion of my time on trains listening to Johnny Flynn and George Ezra, looking out of the window and pretending to be in music videos. For the most part though I’m really looking forward to some clarity. Time away from London, work, washing, and all that home brings. Swapping this instead for time spent worrying about missing my trains and wearing unironed clothes (I’m a little bit ‘Monica’ in that aspect). Most importantly I’m going to explore and read and laugh and eat too much ice cream.

Before I leave though, I want to take you all back a few weeks – looking back to move forwards and all that. I went back to my old stomping ground in Sheffield a month or so back and my dear pals Lisa and Heather took me out to a fancy new pizza join on Kelham Island. What bloody good pizza it was! I claim very few can do pizza like the proper Italian stuff but, they made a very close dupe at Craft & Dough. Faultless flavours (go and drool over their menu) and a fantastic drinks menu mean I couldn’t advocate it more. The perfect pizza party for putting the world to rights with old pals.

Keep an eye on the blog over the next couple of weeks whilst I’m away. I have the odd post scheduled – including one really important one on the intnet and all that it brings. I say really important, not that important, but I’d like to know your thoughts. More importantly, follow me on all the usual social norms to keep up to date with my galavanting.

Until next time.

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