Interrailing: Absolutely Amazing Amsterdam


Getting the train to Amsterdam was pretty sad. There had been a point around 9 days in (Vienna-ish) when I’d be a little ‘Right, I’m done being on my own!’; this feeling it had gone full circle and by the time I was stepping on my last train in Frankfurt I’d returned to ‘OHHH I NEVER WANNA GO HOMEEEEE’.

I arrived in Amsterdam right in the middle of the day so had plenty of time to explore. I of course went up to the flower market, cathedral, etc. etc. Word to the wise if you’ve never been before, watch for bikes! They show no mercy.

One of the highlights for me was finally getting to visit the Matisse exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum that I’d missed in London, some real insight into his incredible works and the history behind the famous cut-outs. My favourite area in the city was The Jordaan district. It’s super fancy and what is considered the ‘upmarket’ area in terms of real estate, but it's also home to some fiercely creative shops. I actually wrote a list of every shop I visited – gone! Lost to the abyss. I do remember a few of my favourites though - visit the Otherist for oddities and strangeness; I bought myself some beautiful pressed seaweed, but they stock all sorts, from taxidermy and glass eyes to hand crafted jewellery and bags. I also loved HAY and their adjoining coffee shop De Koffie Salon, a concept design store for all things interiors and organisation. A few of my favourite things I did there were visit the ‘Red Light Secrets’ museum – essentially the museum of prostitution. A really excellent look into not only the Red Light District but, the lives of the girls. I also really loved Anne Frank House. I went towards the end of the day, still had to queue for 45 minutes, but it certainly beat the 2 and a half hour queue at 9 am!

Now, onto food, I had one of my best burgers ever (close to my favourite at The Advisory!) at Lombardo’s. This place was near my hostel so I just happened up on it but it would appear it’s pretty popular. They don’t have much space inside for sitting but do take away. Everything is made fresh to order and they have a really amazing selection of burgers and toppings – custom made to your specification. De Laatste Kruimel is an incredible sandwich/pastry/cake/lunch stop. I had an amazing polenta pie and eyed up the cakes every time I walked past. Paper Planes is an brilliant brunch spot. Very trendy quinoa porridge home made granola, avocado on everything and fresh juices. Some light relief after two weeks of meat and boiled eggs.

Amsterdam was great. The whole trip was great! I guess that’s where I sign off on this. Sorry it’s been kind of drawn out, writing posts and work has been a slightly difficult juggle of late. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, let me know in twitter what you thought! One of the main questions I’ve been asked since being back is about what it was like to travel alone; I’ve gone one post (nearly done) with a few tips and my own thoughts on both interrailing and travelling around by yourself so will get that up... soon.

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant bank holiday (those of you in England) and good luck for the rest of the week!

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