Rhodes at Rockefeller Music Hall

So today I’m in Oslo! Another little break way to another corner of the Europe I’ve never visited before. We’re here until Sunday but I wanted to tell you about our brilliant Thursday night.
We flew over here to see George Ezra at his rescheduled Oslo date at Rockefeller Music Hall. ‘AGAIN!?’ you my cry… yep, again. The beauty of these trips is they’re a gig and a holiday all in one. I’d really recommend coming to Europe to see your favourite artists because the venues are better, the people are less ostentatious and pushy and, you’ll likely see them in a more intimate setting that at home.

Today we’re chatting new music again. As always, maybe not so new to you, but if he is and you’ve ever liked my past music recommendations then you’ll love this. Rhodes is someone I’ve been listening to for a while, he’s had great airplay on some late night shows and was also at The Great Escape the other week. We didn’t get to see him with clashes or something; totally worth the wait though. On record Rhodes’ sound is divine - full, breathy and raspy, definite Jeff Buckley tones. To put it into context, I once read a review that described him as a ‘husky choir boy’…

Live, with a full band, he was totally something else. I, as always with musicians, fell instantly in love. Forever drawn to male singers with a wide range Rhodes really doesn’t hold back. The choral builds were so sumptuous and massive they filled your chest, and the juxtaposition of the forlorn, anguished lyrics with flawless melodies make for a beautiful listen. Let’s also not forget, his band are all exceptionally good looking.

Listen and let me know what you think. I’m certainly going to be going to see him at a headline date some time this year.

Now, we’re off to go stuff our faces.


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