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Scandinavian countries are pretty excellent at international cuisine. I remember thinking the same when I was in Helsinki last year– Oslo was no exception. We ate crepes, tacos, noodles, curry, tarts and loads of sweeties, all in four days.

We managed to eat all over the city but I must say our local neighbourhood Grünerløkka was the best for variety. Fru Hagen was just around the corner from our flat and sold traditional Norwegian meals. I say that, we had no clue really as the menu was in Norwegian (something we found to be a regular obstacle). Delicious nonetheless – I had a big oven baked omelette with a salad, which was just what the doctor ordered given our 4am start. Another local gem was Tijuana, a Mexican restaurant that specialised in tacos. Tacos are my number one food at the moment, lord knows why, but Tijuana certainly hit the spot. There were probably 20 different types of taco and varied accompaniments – my favourites were the Ayote (pumpkin with sunflower seeds), Carnitas (marinated pulled pork with chipotle sour cream) and Chorizo (chorizo…).From the vibe and how busy it was whilst we were dining, the restaurant is pretty popular so it may be worth booking a table if you know you’re going to visit - also, if you drink, try one of the mango and chilli mojitos, perfection!

Further afield were Munchies and Creperie de Mari (I tell a lie, both restaurants have two shops, both of which are in Grünerløkka! We went to the branches in town though). Both eateries were recommended to us in a particularly good city guide – Use It. I’d recommend having a look at their website if you’re travelling in Europe in the future because their guides are full of off the wall ideas, cheap eateries and fun things to do as suggested by locals. They’re always free and much better than any city guide you’ll get a at a tourist office.

Munchies is burgers… and we all know how much I love burgers! Whilst the bread was a little… bready (we’re all about the brioche bun over here), the meat, pickles and cheese were perfection. Brown paper bags, extra salty chips and a chilled bottle of Solo made for a brilliant, meal. From what we could tell Oslo is swarming with ‘burger joints’ and after some careful instagram scrolling Munchies is seemingly the best. Like I said, they have two branches and are totally reasonable comparable to many restaurants in Oslo. Creperie de Mari was perfect for a spot of lunch on a busy day, once again, the Norwegian element of ordering phased us slightly, but so many of the words are similar to English or other European languages it was all pretty easy to decipher. Savoury crepes come in at around 129 NOK and the sweets ones are generally under 100 NOK ; the shop at Torggata 9 is located inside a magnificent bookshop called Eldorado which is the largest independent bookshop in Scandinavia, well worth a visit in its own right.

Mathallen deserves it’s own paragraph. An indoor eating emporium full of permanent traders that sell any cuisine from across the world. We actually visited twice! The first time we feasted on noodles and steamed rolls from Noodle and flawless sweet pies from Hello Good Pie. Second time I went for vegan curry and a big juice from Helt Ra and Alex had gnocchi from Via Italia. Honestly I could have stayed for hours and sampled the delights from across the board – Mathallen is a really cool food venue with great choices for vegans and vegetarians too.

Now, I can’t talk about food and not talk about the horrible sweets they sell in Norway. I’m sorry right now if you’re Norwegian and love any of the following but good grief I’ve never eaten sweets (or food full stop) that made me so sad! Let’s start with salted liquorice… just no. Not like a subtle salty/sweet flavour, more like liquorice covered in table salt; I’ve never reacted quiet so badly to sweets before! Next – Hobby bars…. Weird banana like crystal-ly jelly over marshmallow…. No. Third no – Smash!; salted corn cones that tasted like quavers covered in chocolate. They said ‘salty, sweet, crunchy; on the outside, they should have just sad ‘NO’. I really only save sweets for special occasions and saw Norway as a four day long special occasion, what a mistake that was. At least it made me grateful for pick’n’mix I guess!

I love travelling for many reason but getting to try so many different varieties of food still stands as one of my favourite. I’m off again in a few weeks, to Sicily, so we’ll see what delights Italy has to bring!

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