Whilst I've been away

Hello! Long time no speak I know! Now, this is just me filling you in; I’ve had a few people tweet and message me asking if I’ve given up (by a few, I genuinely mean like six people but I figured that six might represent some kind of majority… in a really hopeful way), I haven’t. I’m just having a little break. I didn’t really like the idea of posting some kind of ‘I’m off on a break’ message because that’s presumptuous and assumes anyone actually cares. After being asked what was up though, I figured I should let you know what’s going on.

Nothing has happened, I’m not stopping blogging etcetera I think I just became a little disenfranchised with the whole thing and wasn't motivated to write or take photos or anything of the sort. Of late the blogging world has really changed and it’s left me with a slightly sour taste – that’s different post though, one I’ll likely never publish because I’ll just come across bitter and jealous I’m sure (I’m not!). Another thing is that I read a thousand and one blogs and honestly it all got to the point where I was thinking there wasn’t a place for this blog, and I don’t really do/have anything particularly important to say. Everyone else is so much better at writing, editing, compositions, photography (or at least the people who take their photos are... - shady, but whatever!).  I've had this blog since 2010 which is longer than a whole heap of extremely established bloggers; I've never sought to make it into a job because I have other ideals and actually make a real difference to actual people's lives in my job so it's always been just a hobby. I'm sure a lot of people with agree with me that when your blog is that, a hobby, it feels as though it wains in comparison to the big bucks bloggers out there who didn't exist five years ago. It leaves you wondering what the real point is - well it does me at least. So, for all that rambled garb, I decided to take a break.

The third thing I should mention is that I’ve been super busy. What with work occupying my every moment, trying to keep fit and, my numerous holidays/festivals/visits with pals, I’ve not had a spare evening let alone a weekend to sit and write. If you’re a blogger with a full time job please tell me how you keep up!! In the winter it was so easy but now I swear I’m dead on my feet!

All in all, sorry, for this half dash, terribly phrased explanation of why I haven’t posted anything in weeks and  likely won’t for the next week or so. I know I needed to put something up though! Thank you for sticking with it (especially posts like this!) – all you people who still come and check for updates make me realise it is worth doing, and I have missed it!

Be back soon, promise.

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  1. Hey Kate!

    Please publish your thought on how you think the blogging world has changed, i would love to read it! I am in the same boat as you. Have been blogging since 2010/11 and have gone through so many changes and not finding my blogging "niche". I think this is a sign of growing up though and I think a blog should be a refection of that, nobody is one interest! I find nowadays you have to be a beauty, health or fashion blogger and it all gets so stale. It used to be about the actual blogging, just write about whatever you want and express your personality online. Nowadays its more about writing "Content" (I hate that word!) I am guilty of it myself, I write about makeup but I would be so bored if I just wrote about that ALL the time, and also super guilty to think of over consuming all that! I just wish we could all go back to 2010 when it wasn't a competition to become a world famous blogger with a book deal and just be you.

    Found your blog through Youtube (which is also going through the same bleugh!ness) and cant wait to see your videos. I have always wanted to start a Youtube channel but like you never knew what to post videos on, i think I may take inspiration from you and just start it anyway!

    Sorry for the super crazy message, it's just nice to find someone as obsessive about the internet as I am but able to look at it critically.

    Claire Ann :)

    1. Hi Claire,

      I really really really want to get something written up and i've tried to write it so many times but it always just comes across and jaded and jealous!! I am going to try and put something together though - written down as well rather than just YouTube because I think it's important to stay true to the blog too! I agree on the 'content' front. I first wrote a blog though a love of writing and it can get frustrating seeing posts and posts of the same thing regurgitated - I stick by my guns though and have tried to keep doing what I love!

      You should just start a channel. Like, do it tomorrow! I have wanted to do it for over a year and always been really intimidated but honestly it's been lovely so far and i think it's given me my mojo back!

      Keep in touch xx

    2. It really shows in your blog you have stayed true to you, it comes across as really honest and I love that! I need to get more like that on mine. Like I like writing about beauty stuff but there is so much more to me than that and I think it's why I get bored and don't post for a while.

      Yes I will have to start soon! I have been putting it off for years! I was just intimidated by all these massive "professional" youtubers which is stupid as thats not what youtube was about originally. Needs to go back to 2007 :P I'll let you know when I finally get the balls to do it! :) x


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