Awesome ANZAC

 At work, a few ladies decided to organise an ‘Unofficial International Food Day’. I, of course, went big and initially had massive thoughts of making three cakes, biscuits and something savoury. It quickly dawned on me however, that the practicality of carrying all these items on the tube was truly unreasonable and i'd have to limit myself slightly.

Annoyingly, a few people scoffed, as they often do, at the concept of everyone bringing food down to the office and contributing. Those people clearly underestimated the love and warmth of so many of the people I work with! There was Sushi from Japan, Curries from Bangladesh and Ethiopia, Rice with meat and plantain from Nigeria. Cakes, sweets, street food, gourmet samosas... things to pick at and slurp from all over the world.

We all exclaimed ‘Isn’t this a treat!’ then filled our bellies until we had to roll back to our desks. It was a real show of comradery and joy! I guess food has that effect on people.

For the day I made my Chocolate Guinness cake and some biscuits that I’ve never made before – Anzac biscuits. They were so incredibly easy and delicious I’m a little ashamed to have never made them before! I used a Jamie recipe as the little added orange zest was something a little different to the other recipes I scouted. A very good friend of mine from work is Australian, she exclaimed that they were the best she’d ever tasted!! Easy to make as a grown up or a child, just make sure you make a few spare to nibble if you’re giving them as a gift, you won’t want to miss out.

Anzac biscuits 2
Anzac biscuits 3 Anzac biscuits 4 Anzac biscuits 5


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