Guinness 2.0

Now, I’ve made this cake before. I’ve even posted about it before but I’ll be honest, I couldn’t get the photos right. It was a funny time of the year, dark shadows creeping, clouds blocking out the sun’s modest rays – my kitchen is only bright enough to photograph in at certain times of day and, I was probably too lazy to try harder.

With having time off this blog, I’ve been able to make more time to prep my kitchen. More time to plan and arrange; the evenings may have been damp and grey but the sky has stayed bright. So here it is. My Chocolate Guinness cake 2.0.

Chocolate Guinness Cake 2 Chocolate Guinness Cake 4 Chocolate Guinness Cake 3 Chocolate Guinness Cake 5

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  1. This looks amazing!! Also nice new blog design :) Updating mine tonight! Inspiring my refresh!


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