Tides of Change

So I write this at a time of change. I’m about to overhaul this little space, big style - for some of you, the changes might have even be made by the time you read this. I’ve decided I’m tired of it, the whole blog, because it feels tired. Don’t get me wrong my content will remain the same slap dash ramblings you’ve come to know so well , but it just needs some oomph… some spunk, a little spicing up! Really, this all comes at a time of change for me in various guises; I’m moving soon (only across London, no where really exciting) and I’m just looking for some more adventure. Along with the real life stuff, my online life took a real leap forward recently with the addition of a YouTube channel to my portfolio.

YouTube is a thing I’ve wanted to do for years. I guess I’ve always been too scared; not sure how I’d fit or what I’d say. I’m not sure what I was scared of though because at present it is one of the most positive online experiences I’ve ever had. People are so supportive and lovely it’s unreal! For you guys, my lovely readers, I hope it’s going to be a little but of a different way for you to get to know me. As a platform it’s vastly different to my blog, and in terms of content I’m intending on keeping it quite separate. I would however love for you to have a watch though – maybe even subscribe if you can cope with that much Kate in your life! I really care about you lot and I can only ever thank you for being super supportive always – this new venture is something which I’m hoping with reinvigorate this little space with some online spirit again!

Of late, I’ve been busy at work (the age old excuse), I’ve been recovering from my mad summer and also trying to go to a few more ‘blogger’ events. Recently, I went to the Big Blogger Conference (#bigbloggerconference) with my lovely pal Pippa as organised by LDNMeetUp. It was a great old day where I learnt some really valuable lessons about both the tech side of blogging and some of the more business side. Considering I’ve written this blog since 2010 I’ve always been way too nervous of even considering sponsored content or approaching brands because this is really only a hobby – the photos and the writing. The event did show me though how I could work on brand partnerships in a really authentic way – I’m not sure what you’d think of that but I guess we’ll see as I try and put some of the tips into action. There was also a brand exhibition where I got to chat to some exciting brands including my all time favourite supplement brand My Protein – more on that in the future. Importantly though, and the golden thread throughout this post, is the fact that I vlogged (vlogged! I know!) the day. I must say, it’s probably my inner show off but I do enjoy filming! Enjoy the video below and if you do enjoy it you can watch more of my videos here.

Love always.


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