Lazy Oaf x Casper

Sometimes a brand makes a collection so flawless and personable that you just have to own every piece. When my pal invited me as her plus one to the Lazy Oaf x Casper launch I knew all my dreams had come true.
Casper is quite literally one of my favourite cartoons. It reminds me of everything it is to be a child and I have some extremely fond memories of loving (and being totally terrified) of Casper the Friendly Ghost. The Lazy Oaf collection is exactly on point and ever so seasonal; there is one piece in particular I’ve got my eye on buying after payday - the Casper Trio Dress.

The launch was ghost-tastic with tantalising Sipsmith Cocktails, an excellent extra spooky DJ set and, a brilliant presentation, showcasing the designs. Unfortunately, we had to leave a little early to rush down to Brixton for a gig so we left before the goody bags but you can’t live life thinking you should stay at the party just in case a canvass bag gets given out, can you!

Nights like this make my life feel really glamorous, mingling with models and Instagram Girls– then I get to work and put on my steel caps, that certainly brings me back down to earth! For more of the collection make sure to visit Lazy Oaf’s website and get a little Casper in your life too.

Lazy Oaf Casper 5 Lazy Oaf Casper 2 Lazy Oaf Casper 8 Lazy Oaf Casper 3 Lazy Oaf Casper 6 Lazy af Casper 12 Lazy Oaf Casper 7 Lazy Oaf Casper 9 Lazy Oaf Casper 11


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