'All but the kitchen sink' Turmeric Soup

I’ve recently become vegetarian; there are numerous reasons why I’ve made this choice (right now I’m not sure if it’s forever), but one thing becoming veggie has done is make me step up and get more creative in the kitchen again. I made this cockle warming soup one Sunday afternoon; all my friends were sending me pictures of their roasts and I didn’t have much in, but I wanted something wholesome and hearty.
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Afternoon Tea at Sketch

Sketch is somewhere we’ve all seen spread across the Internet. The plump pink chairs, dainty treats and endless tea are something I’ve pined for ever since moving to London. A few weeks ago I took my mum for her birthday (which was in July, but we won’t talk about that), and it was as total perfection as I expected. There needs be many words here, just photos of the same old we’ve all seen!
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November 2015: Love Want Need