Afternoon Tea at Sketch

Sketch is somewhere we’ve all seen spread across the Internet. The plump pink chairs, dainty treats and endless tea are something I’ve pined for ever since moving to London. A few weeks ago I took my mum for her birthday (which was in July, but we won’t talk about that), and it was as total perfection as I expected. There needs be many words here, just photos of the same old we’ve all seen!

The staff were gracious and courteous, nothing was too much trouble. My favourite part was obviously the free top ups on food – I’ve been vegetarian for a little while now and they made me an amazing fennel and cucumber sandwich that I may have eaten a few too many of. There are few things as lovely as hanging out with your mum over tiny sandwiched and patisseries.

I’ve just moved house and we’re finally in and sorted, I think. Sketch really fuelled my need for pink and gold all over the house though! I’ll try and get a few posts up about the move and the new décor. It’s so lovely to finally have a home we’ve really been able to put our own stamp on.

I hope you’re all well. As always, I promise I’ll stop neglecting this little blog one day soon.

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  1. Oh I just love the Sketch dining room so much, my 13 year old sister was delighted when a waiter poured her a glass of champagne whilst dining here too.. But I guess it's so transportive it really doesn't feel like London. David Shrigley porcelain helps too!

    1. It's just so magical!! I want to go again and again xx


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