Burgers, Bloggers and Brioche

To celebrate the festive season my lovely pal Pippa organised a little get together with a few local bloggers. The venue was to be the Brioche pop-up at15 Exeter Street and she invited along 20-girls from various corners of the Internet for dinner, fun and frolics.

Pippa has waxed lyrical about Brioche since she went not long after it opened in the summer; as per it was one of those ‘I’ll get there one day’ venues. She wasn’t half wrong about the food!! Delicious buttery Brioche buns, with sides on sides on sides. Everything was smothered in warm, melty cheese (my slight intolerance to lactose was ignored for the night!) and don’t even get me started on the Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert. Get yourself down there for the button busting meal of your dreams.

On top of all that stuff I was introduced to so truly lovely, lovely girls. Sitting around and chatting about blogging (all of us as a hobby along side ‘real life’) was welcome respite from the usual ‘so what are you doing for Christmas’ chat we all endure before Christmas.

On a final note, a Merry Christmas to you all! It means a lot that you keep coming back and reading so, much love and a lovely festive season to you all.

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