Life Affirmations for 2016

Hello 2016!

When I first drafted this post, i started by saying 2015 was a 'non-year'. I was wrong. I went on wild adventures, met some people who I quite honestly couldn’t live my life without any more and, have had my minded opened to bigger and better things. Whilst in the landscape of my life 2015 may be more of a filler year, what a filler. I forget that the beauty of writing this blog is that it's an instant diary with the ability to remind me of all the brilliant things I'm privileged to do and the places I go.

Last year, around this time I wrote my life affirmations. I affirmed to learn to meditate – I have now been doing yoga and meditation for 6 months. I wanted to be stronger and more able, and I am. I wanted to grow my blog and I have – there are more of you reading than ever before, for which I am so, so grateful. More than that I started a YouTube channel, a long old ambition of mine. I also said I’d watch The Wire – I haven’t…

So that leads me to this year, what am I going to do? I’ve thought really long and hard about it and initially struggled to set five tangible goals again. After a while though, it was clear they were all about self-development once again.

• I want to learn to climb – a lot of my close friends are climbers and they’ve promised they’ll teach me!
• I want to learn more about photography – maybe save for a course. I’ve been taking photos since I was about 17 but have never really learnt.
• I’m going to start trying to learn more about things I love again. Pick up some non-fiction from time to time – glaciers, feminism, politics are just my starting point.
• I need to learn more about editing and developing my photos and videos – just a nice skill to add to the utility belt of life.
• Finally I want to go away… I don’t know what that means yet, where, how long for, or even how. That’ll be a work in progress.

What have you affirmed to do this year? Remember, you don’t have to deny yourself to become the person you want to be, sometimes it’s that bottle of wine that’ll help!


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