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A couple of weeks ago my little (not so little) sister came to visit me for the first time since I’ve lived in London. Seeing as I’ve been here three years now, it’s a pretty poor show on her part, but I was psyched to see her none the less. I struggled with ideas and plan, ‘This is London!’ I kept thinking, ‘the land of milk and honey…’ I mused. In the end, she just wanted to go shopping and for Ben’s Cookies, easy to please!

Having her to visit reminded me of what it was like to first move to London. How actually exciting visiting Oxford Street is, how not to groan and sigh waiting in the lift at Covent Garden. Most importantly, how not to be a general misery guts who suffers the inconvenience of commuting across London twice daily on packed tubes in hot coats. We sauntered the street of central London. Went for drinks in Kensington and dancing in Kings Cross. Most importantly, we giggled and gossiped on my sofa.

One thing I knew I could show her, as well as a good time, was the incredible plethora of world cuisine on my doorstep. Right now there is a food stuff that may be slowly steal the crown of ‘basically could eat every day’ from Tacos – Korean Food. I’m obsessed. Saeng dubu, BibamBap and bab twigim. Oh and let’s not forget kimchi. Oh kimchi. We went for a slap up meal at On the Bab in Shoreditch before she left late and I’m pleased to say she loved it just as much as I did. All sticky and sweet and spicy – It’s fair to say where we differ in certain aspects my sister and I both appreciate a good meal. On the Bab have three restaurants across London so I’m sure you’ll never be far - I can summaries my feelings towards the place in five worlds – ‘Steamed buns to die for’.

Let me know if any other Korean treasures you know of. I’m dying to hear.

On the Bab Shoreditch 2
On the Bab Shoreditch 3
On the Bab Shoreditch 4
On the Bab Shoreditch 5
On the Bab Shoreditch 6
On the Bab Shoreditch 7
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