Wynwood Miami

In Miami, there is a wonderful place called Wynwood. Wynwood is an incredible district away from the beach; there is art and energy, colours and a real buzz. We decided to take a much-needed break from the sights and sounds of South Beach and went to explore.

The day didn’t start quite as planned as we got incredibly lost, which turned into us walking 10 actual miles by the end of the day. One of the funny things about America is when you’re lost there just aren’t many people out and about on the streets to ask for directions. I should also mention it was Easter Sunday, so doubly quiet on the streets!! Eventually though we found the art district and mooched around in the sunshine, taking in the electric sights, sounds and smells.

Most importantly, we discovered a little taco shop called Coyo Taco. I could write superlatives until the cows come home about this place; seriously, the best tacos I’ve ever eaten and will likely ever eat. I went for octopus and prawn, dripping with chillies and sauce and guac. and all of the other treats that Mexican food has to offer. Coyo Taco is located just south of the Wynwood Walls on 2300 NW 2nd Ave – it’s a must, even if you’re not in the area, travel there!

I loved Wynwood, it felt a lot like home, if it’s possible to feel that way after spending all of a few hours in a place. Well worth the long hung-over walk and fraught emotions! For more on our day in Wynwood, go watch my vlog!!

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  1. It's beautiful and I love the colour you went for in the end!


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