The Barge House

Everybody loves brunch right? Everybody loves bread too? And cheese? And spending time with friends whilst groaning that you can't eat but one more mouthful but then somehow manage at least five more? This is how I felt, in all my belt groaning glory, after visiting The Barge House in Haggerston.

I'll paint the picture - a sour dough loaf for one... hollowed out... filled with breakfast delights...topped with an egg...and then cheese (lots of cheese)...baked. All hail 'breakfast in bread'!! I know I say this often but there are few superlatives I can spout that succinctly capture how much I enjoyed this brunch. Crunch and chew and ooze and snap. All the mouth textures and all the flavours you could ask for.

What's better, you can book! An actual restaurant in actual London where you can book a table hassle free. I swear this whole experience wasn't just some late night fantasy of mine, it's all very real. With tables spilling out onto the canal path, The Barge House is easily one of my new favourite places; I'll be back again and again no doubt. IMG_2046 IMG_2047 IMG_2054 IMG_2048


  1. Really interesting photo, especially a breakfast bun, looks very tasty. Follow the link and share with me your best recipes for each part of the day.


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