Where's Kate?

As happens every couple of months this poor blog has dropped off the end of the earth! Don't get me wrong, I still cart my camera around and think about vlogging, loads. Since I've turned 25 though, there's been a lot of 'WHAT'S THE POINT?!?!?' going on in my head. Generally, not just with my online presence. That's a whole differenet post for a different time!

I think this comes in part from the rise and rise of the internet career. I've always used this space specifially for a bit of everything - like a diary. What I've done, what I'm feeling, goals, wishes etc. So frequently nowadays though 'goals and wishes' are being churned out into a clickbait ridden blog post - '10 ways to make your dreams come true' 'The top 10 places in [insert any town/city/country here]'. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy readed these posts. I like to see places other people have visited and enjoyed, and cetainly need a kick up the bum sometimes when it comes to life motivation - but it often leaves me with a 'what's the point in your blog though Kate?' feeling. This comes in cycles, linked to motivation mostly, but it think I've got my mojo back.

I don't compare myself to others - not in terms of followers, readers and all of the numbers that come with blogging; I know for some people blogging may be in the persuit of something more, and for some, like me, it's a hobby. On the other hand it is easy to get lost in the jaded 'what's the point, what am I actually contributing' camp. Here's to overriding those feelings though, and reeber what a brilliant community this hobby brings and how lovely you all are! I just need to remember that this is my space to share with you - and you clearly come back and check even when I hardly ever post, so thanks!!

I have some fun stuff coming up: new openings in London, a little travel and festivals, and obviously loads of food. Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel too and subscribe if you're really into it! I try not to cross over with content too much so if you want to see what I'm doing/talking about/drinking out side the relmes of Coffee Sugar Lemonade checkit out.


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